Green light

Green light

The use of “green laser” allows us to obtain the same or better results than using traditional surgery with the added bonus of less complications and minimum discomfort for the patient.

When we do prostate surgery with transurethral resection, the patient must be hospitalised with bladder drainage for at least four or five days. In addition, he cannot resume normal activity until two or three weeks later.


The laser technique offers many advantages for the patient including the following:

  • Immediate relief and absence of symptoms, urinary flow increases by 200%.
  • Hospitalization time is reduced to 24 hours or less.
  • Bladder drainage can be removed 12 to 16 hours following surgery.
  • Prostatic laser treatment produces barely any bleeding.
  • The patient can resume normal activity after two or three days without major effort.


On the other hang, the green prosthetic laser is safe to use in high risk patients such as elderly patients and those taking anticoagulant medication or with cardiac or renal problems.

What does prostatic laser involve?

Using state-of-the-art high energy laser rays combined with fibre optics especially designed for this purpose, we carry out a foto-selective vaporization of the prostatic tissue. The laser with fibre optics allows us to eliminate the prostatic tissue without causing any bleeding.

How is the procedure carried out?

The technique using prostatic laser is carried out in the operating room in a hospital environment. The patient receives general or partial (spinal) anesthesia. Then a specially designed endoscopic is inserted through the urethra which reaches the prostate area. The rays are directed specifically at the prostatic tissue and allowing us to eliminate the obstructive tissue rapidly.