Penile Prosthesis

Penile Prosthesis

Finding a satisfactory solution for erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact in the lives of patients and their partners. Research has shown that penile prosthesis can have better results than other treatment options. Within the range of hydraulic prosthesis there are different types of which we use the AMS 700 with pump, both the CX and the LGX models (which expands in diameter and length).

Advantages of using penile prosthesis




  • They offer a long term permanent solution for erectile dysfunction.
  • They produce erections on demand.
  • They allow for more spontaneity; you can enjoy sexual activity when you feel like it.
  • Erections can be maintained for as long as required.
  • They eliminate the need for costly pills or injections.
  • They offer natural sensations both for the man and his partner.
  • They do not interfere with ejaculation or orgasm.



Penile prosthesis AMS series 700 Ms

The penile prosthesis AMS series 700 Ms are a fluid-filled device which is completely implanted in the body and therefore is not visible.

These prostheses are composed of four components connected by tubes: a deposit, two cylinders and a pump for inflate and deflate the device.

The deposit is implanted in the lower abdomen, below the muscular layer and is filled with a sterile solution. The deposit holds the liquid until the patient decides to inflate the cylinders. The two cylinders are inserted next to each other in the body of the penis.